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Author Insights: Lauren Robinson, Author of The Boy Who Saw In Colours

Author Insights: Lauren Robinson, Author of The Boy Who Saw In Colours

Author Insights: Lauren Robinson, Author of The Boy Who Saw In Colours

I have been working with debut author Lauren Robinson since November 2019, helping her bring her story of a young boy sent to an elite school in Nazi Germany to life.

In the process, I have designed three versions of the cover for her (Kindle, paperback and hardback), carried out a line edit and proofread after she was badly let down by someone else, acted as historical and linguistic adviser (it was a million to one chance that Lauren should stumble upon a designer who also speaks fluent German and has a degree specialising in mid-20th century German history), recorded an audio version of the book’s Prologue as a promo tool, and most recently, created the book trailer you can see at the foot of the page which was released yesterday. And now, thanks to the reaction to the Prologue reading, I have the monumental task of narrating the audiobook version, a major first for me!

So, you can imagine that I have found this project incredibly stimulating and have been delighted that Lauren has allowed me to help her in so many different creative spheres.

There are many reasons why I have decided to start creating podcasts for the design and writing areas of my professional life (I have already done more than 50 for my wargaming/military history Patreon patrons), but it seems to me that as people are increasingly busy, it’s easier to listen than to read a lot of text on a blog. And what better way to kick off than to invite my own clients onto the show to talk about their stories and the journeys they have taken to publication? Expect to hear a great deal more from me here!

So please, sit back, relax and listen to the charming Lauren Robinson as we discuss her incredible book and the months of work we have shared to bring her project to fruition.

You can find Lauren’s website here, she’s on Twitter here and on Facebook here.



Photo credit: the beautiful photo of Lauren at Belfast Castle was taken by Stephen S T Bradley for Bout Yeh. See their interview with Lauren here.

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