Henry Hyde: Designer, Writer, Podcaster


I have always painted—usually in watercolours—as a hobby, occasionally venturing forth to do illustrations for client design projects and my own books, and in recent years have created paintings as gifts for close friends, or as private commissions.

Even more recently, however, thanks to the astonishing interest expressed on the Brighton Skies FaceBook group, I have been encouraged to offer some of these images as prints and, in due course, to create more paintings that can be reproduced in this way.

My paintings generally take two forms: firstly, watercolours (occasionally with touches of ink and gouache) on high quality, heavyweight paper that depict landscapes and seascapes; and secondly, abstract pieces created with acrylics and gold leaf on canvas.

I am largely self-taught, but credit my late father, who was an accomplished watercolourist, for the initial inspiration, and much later my contact with local (but internationally acclaimed) Brighton & Hove artist Cecil Rice. In particular, Cecil taught me how to capture the light on paper, using a method known as ‘contre-jour‘, which is to say looking into the light, rather than the traditional method of having the light coming from behind the artist or off to the side. This is especially potent when painting bodies of water, something at which Cecil is a master, and I am but a student.


If you are interested in ordering a print – A5 (£15) , A4 (£30) or A3 (£55) + p&p – or commissioning a unique piece, please contact me here. I’m afraid I cannot offer framing at this time. This page will have PayPal buttons for ordering soon.

The low-res versions shown on this site are watermarked, but the high-res printed versions are not.


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