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Gladius Publications Is Born

Gladius Publications Is Born

I’ve started a few businesses over the years. Back in 1991, I co-founded a graphic design partnership, H A Design, and then in 1998 started its digital arm, H@://Wired. Then in 2001, after splitting from my business partner at the end of 1999, I re-branded myself as Gladius Creative Communication,…

Overload Alert: Please Help!

I’m spreading myself too thin, with a host of different blogs, running on separate sites and under different domain names. As well as this, I of course design and edit a monthly magazine (Miniature Wargames), provide¬†graphics work for a number of clients and now have contracts for three new books…

Creating Your Own Magazine 1: Introduction

Let me tell you a story. This one isn’t about a fairy princess who meets her Prince Charming. Nor, sadly, is it about the brave adventurer who went into the wilderness and discovered riches beyond his wildest dreams. It is, however, my story: the story of how, as a one-man-band,…