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Inside Your head Episode 4

Inside Your head Episode 4

The show opens with me revealing some of my own, recent ‘lived experience’ dealing with imposter syndrome, an incident that took me completely by surprise. I discuss how it manifested itself, the implications it has for my own psychological ‘work’ because it has revealed an aspect of my personality that I had overlooked, and how I have managed to deal with it. This also has implications for my discussions with forthcoming guest Clare Josa, who specialises in helping people overcome imposter syndrome.

The main interview is with Dan Holloway, an extraordinary man who, despite being bipolar, was Creative Thinking World Champion in 2016, 2017 and 2019, World Intelligence Champion in 2000, and European Speed Reading Champion in 2017, 2018, and 2019. He now runs a company called Rogue Interrobang which focuses on teaching people how to be creative, and this forms the main focus of our discussion today.

We look at how the term ‘creativity’ can be interpreted in different ways, ranging from what people often mis-name “talent” (in fact, frequently the result of thousands of hours of practice rather than a ‘gift from God’) to simply having new ideas about all manner of things, whether in traditional creative fields or business or politics.

Dan also talks passionately about something he is intimately familiar with: the way that suffering mental health problems can stigmatise you in the workplace, and that many businesses and organisations that praise themselves for their inclusivity in fact are nothing of the kind, creating barriers for disabled individuals that are impossible to cross.

Working in the self-publishing world, Dan also has strong opinions about the role of ‘gatekeepers’ and how frequently they are encountered, not just in the world of publishing, but elsewhere too.

The show ends with another Relaxation on the Beach meditation, this time using a ‘body scan’ to relax your body and ease any discomfort or tension. This is a great way to focus on the present, moving through the body and noting sensations, whilst clearing your mind of any other distractions and using the breath as your ‘home base’.

Resources and bonus material for this show

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The Relaxation on the Beach segment from this episode.


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