Henry Hyde: Designer, Writer, Podcaster

What Else I Do

When I’m not creating my own projects, I provide copywriting, editing, graphic design and marketing services to a wide range of clients.

I provide them with high quality creative solutions for their communication needs, enabling them to get their message across more effectively and improving their image and profile. My honest, ethical and imaginative service is highly valued and my long experience appreciated.


Why I do it

I believe my job is important. Creativity enriches the lives of everyone involved, from the worker on the shop floor to the consumer in a store, the citizen accessing local services, the reader of a book or magazine and the chairman in the board room. It enhances relationships between businesses, between businesses and their customers, between government and its citizens and between management and employees.

Good design makes our lives easier and more pleasurable. Well-thought-out concepts and cogent copy increase our understanding of, and enhance our interaction with products, services and ideas. And finally, companies that take care of how, why, where and by whom their products and services are produced and sold are acting in a socially responsible manner and deserve to succeed.


My services

The portfolio of services that I offer is very wide. Why? Because, with many years of experience in the field, I know what my clients need and want and what they keep asking me for. This reflects the diverse requirements of my client base, the breadth of my expertise and the enthusiasm I have for wide-ranging creative possibilities.

When I entered the graphic design field back in 1991, I already had experience in print and repro (that’s pre-press production and retouching, for those of you too young to remember!). With the rapid growth in the use of computers by graphic designers in the ’90s and noughties, particularly the Apple Mac, the distinctions between design, photography, illustration and repro quickly became blurred.

In an average day today, I might write some copy, lay out a magazine page, take, import and adjust digital photographs, design the front cover of a book, create a PDF file to send to a print house and then upload a reduced-resolution version of that same PDF file to the Web. Next day, I’m styling a website interface, tinkering with some code before building a website. Meanwhile, I’ve also been logging on to FaceBook, Twitter and other social media to interact with friends, fans, customers and clients. The following day, I might be training a small business on the best way to use social media or how to reinforce their brand with advertising. It’s never dull!



Over the years, my clients have put ever greater store on the relationships I have built with them. Rather than having to scour Google, the Yellow Pages or trade directories for photographers, illustrators, database specialists, software trainers and printers, they have come to me.

It just so happens that many of the functions they have asked me to provide, I can provide personally. (I make no apology for being multi-talented: it makes life much more interesting.) For those things I cannot do myself, I turn to my industry contacts and colleagues, many of whom I have known and worked with for many years.



Projects are managed on the basis of people doing what they do best. I find round pegs for round holes, as it were. Someone who specialises in a particular field will do the job twice as well, in half the time. In this way, you obtain outstanding quality and exceptional value for money. And it also means that you, the client, can relax and delegate all the hard project management work to me.

Indeed, some aspects of what I do are firmly in the management and consultancy side of the business: helping a company or organisation to take stock of its brand; relieving over-burdened public servants of the task of running entire campaigns or marketing initiatives; and showing businesses how to market themselves and their products or services more effectively.



And I’m even happy to build lasting alliances with other agencies. When they’re short-staffed, victims of their own success or just have the opportunity to do work that they wouldn’t normally take on, I’m happy to melt into the background and provide first-class backup when the going gets tough.

So, whatever you need, get in touch. You’ll be surprised at just what I can do for you.

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